Purchasing Process

Having considered the information on this website and decided that you wish to invest in a property at Aston Plaza & Residences then you should proceed to the Online Sales Centre on this website.

A step by step guide will be provided to you in the Online Sales Centre, which will take you through the process of purchasing your apartment.


Select the apartment you wish to purchase and ensure it is in your cart.  You will then be asked to create an account and as part of this process you will be asked for some of your personal details which will be used to confirm your identity and help prepare your documents.

Within the Sales Centre, you will need to

  1. Select your payment plan
  2. Upload a copy of your passport and a utility bill
  3. Read and agree to a reservation contract
  4. Make your payment. Your apartment will be reserved for a reasonable time whilst you are moving through the process in the sales centre to ensure it is available to you at checkout.

The bitcoin price of your apartment is fixed to the US dollar price and will fluctuate during the sales process until it is fixed at the stage the invoice is processed.

All payments will be processed using BitPay, the industry leading bitcoin payment platform. Your payment is paid directly into the Developer’s Escrow bank account. This amount will include the purchase price after any discounts applicable, along with the Land Registry fees of 4% and administration fee.  The administration fee is US$283 and US$82 for courier costs. Please note that your payment goes directly into the Developer’s Escrow account i.e. no other company or bank account receives any money you pay.

Once your payment has completed you will receive confirmation from BitPay. The Developer will provide you with email confirmation once your payment has cleared into their Escrow account.  The Developer will then prepare and send to you the Disclosure Statement and Sales & Purchase Agreement for your property alongside a form to be completed to register your apartment with the Dubai Land Registry Department.

When the contracts are signed and registered with the authorities, you will receive a copy of the signed contracts and agreements for your records. Aston Developments will also provide you with a personal contact for any post sales queries. You will be able to follow the progress of the Development online via the developer’s social media accounts and the development’s website www.astonplazadubai.com. If you have selected a 50% payment plan, you will be required to pay the balance on the handover date for your apartment in Summer 2019. You can choose to pay the balance either in bitcoin at the rate of exchange on completion or a fiat currency.

*Please be aware that the bitcoin price is pegged to the US$ and will fluctuate until final checkout.