Frequently asked questions

Is road access good to and from Aston Plaza & Residences?

Yes. Aston Plaza & Residences is located on Umm Seqeim Street and is served by an excellent road network making all areas of Dubai very accessible. The development’s central location means that it is a short car journey from many of Dubai’s landmarks including Dubai Marina, The Palm, Emirates Mall and Downtown Dubai to name a few.

Is my money safe between now and completion?

Dubai Law 8 (2007) protects those investing in off-plan projects. Developers & projects must be registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Developers now have to purchase the land that they will develop, and any payment they receive from off-plan property sales must go directly into an Escrow account. This account is closely monitored by RERA and can only be accessed by the developer as construction milestones are reached. In the event of an emergency whereby the project is not delivered, the Escrow Agent of the project must, after consultation with the DLD, take the required measures to preserve the rights of depositors and ensure that the project is completed, otherwise depositors are refunded their payments (Article 15, Law 8, 2007).

Monies paid for an apartment at Aston Plaza & Residences go directly to the Developer’s Escrow account at Mashreq Bank, DIC Building 4, Shaikh Zayed Road, Dubai Media City.

What is the project number?

The Project Number is 152.

What other costs are there in addition to the price of the apartment?

There is a Land Registry fees of 4% of the purchase price and an administration fee of $365.  Both of these fees will be added to your shopping cart on checkout and will be taken with your purchase payment in bitcoin i.e. 1 transaction.

Can I sell my apartment before the project is complete?

Yes. Once you have your Sales & Purchase Agreement you are at liberty to sell your interest in the property you have purchased. The only stipulation required is that the new purchaser must be of good standing.

What are the service charge costs expected to be?

Service charge costs will relate to the running of communal areas. These costs are as yet to be confirmed but will be in line with the market norm.

Will my apartment reflect the images on this website?

The images on this website are artistic impressions based on architect’s drawings. The finishes in the images are not a true reflection and are for illustration purposes only. You should refer to the Schedule of Material and Finishes in the legal documents section of this site.

Are there medical facilities, retail, food & beverage, leisure facilities close by?

Yes and with the bonus of being right on your doorstep. The Plaza will cover 3 floors of retail and food & beverage outlets. A supermarket will also be located in the Plaza making life at the Residences very convenient. It is the Developer’s intention to also attract a medical centre to the development. Emirates Mall is only a short car journey away. The Residences will have complimentary access to full leisure facilities on site that includes a large swimming pool, gym, zen pavilion, outdoors cinema, multipurpose courts and pitches, as well as a running and walking track.

What rental yield should I expect on my apartment?

By purchasing your apartment in this initial phase of release we estimate that you could receive a rental yield of between 8-10% net.

Should I expect any capital growth leading up to completion?

The launch prices are discounted to market value and thus capital growth should be seen as the project nears completion.

Can I apply for a residents visa if I buy a property in Dubai?

Yes both residents permit and residence visa are available to property buyers, subject to mandatory minimum threshold and other investment criteria.

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