Investing Off-Plan with Bitcoin

As an early adopter of bitcoin you may be in the enviable position of reaping the rewards of your convictions with a considerable gain in value. As with any investment the time may be right to consider diversifying your holdings and divesting some of your bitcoins into tangible, physical assets with property being a serious contender to be added to your investment portfolio.

Many investors buy property off-plan and benefit from the capital growth of that property during the construction period. They may be in a position to realise their gains by selling to a secondary buyer prior to completion or hold on to the property post completion and take advantage of not only the property’s capital growth but also rental income.

Investing off-plan will mean a leap of faith but as a member of the cryptocurrency community you are not averse to pushing boundaries and taking risks. However, investing in property will not be the roller coaster ride that you experience in the currency world – particularly if you invest wisely.

Buying off-plan means buying a property before it is built. For early investors taking this route it means getting into the development at a discounted price and having the choice of selecting from a full range of properties. Bulk buyers will benefit from further discounts. As a rule of thumb the earlier you invest the better the price, the greater the potential capital growth and return on your investment. This means the greater the potential capital growth on the property over the course of the construction.

Investing in Dubai comes with the benefit that the Government has governance that oversees the sales and marketing of all properties. Legislation protects those investing in off-plan projects. Developers & projects must be registered with the Dubai Land Department (DLD) and the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). Developers now have to purchase the land that they will develop, and any payment they receive from off-plan property sales must go directly into an Escrow account. This account is closely monitored by RERA and can only be accessed by the developer as construction milestones are reached. In the event of an emergency whereby the project is not delivered, the Escrow Agent of the project must, after consultation with the DLD, take the required measures to preserve the rights of depositors and ensure that the project is completed, otherwise depositors are refunded their payments.

The advantages of purchasing off-plan with bitcoin at the Aston Plaza & Residences includes:

  • 15%-20% discount on full purchase price
  • Projected 8-10% net rental yield for investors purchasing in the first phase release
  • Full choice of 150 studio, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments on a range of floor levels
  • Central location that is serviced by good schools, hospitals and onsite shopping mall
  • Developer with impeccable credentials
  • Funds received for the purchase are held in an Escrow bank account
  • The development is registered with RERA. The Project Number is 152
  • Post construction services include interior packages and letting facilities also available in bitcoin

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Aston Plaza & Residences

Invest in well-designed
Studio Apartments
on Levels 1-3

Invest in chic, spacious
1 Bedroom Apartments
on Levels 1-24

Invest in contemporary
2 Bedroom Apartments
on Levels 23-31

For further information about bitcoin, you can view this YouTube video.

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*Please be aware that the bitcoin price is pegged to the US$ and will fluctuate until final checkout.